The air force, also known as air army in some countries, is the arm of the army that deals with air operations. Being a highly disciplined force, the joining requirements are very strict. Most of these requirements are common across different world armies. Let us consider some of these requirements.


Age is a factor that cannot be ignored. One has to be above the legal adult age in the respective country. However, there exists an upper age limit which one has to be under. This is to make sure that the most energetic age group is targeted while still factoring the fact that they will give several years of service before leaving the force.


It is important to be able to communicate effectively especially when dealing with weapons where teamwork is needed. A communication barrier or breakdown may mean disaster. This being the case, education is highly regarded. One has to have strengths like mathematics, physics and the national language or languages of that specific country. These three are very important for airmen. In some countries, one is required to join the regular army first and complete training before enrolling for air force training.


Good physical and mental health is key considerations as well. Physical fitness includes, but not limited to, fully functional body parts. Selection of the airmen requires them to be subjected to environments that replicate conditions for example while in combat midair. One has to pass the gravity variation tests. Good vision is also key in the health test.

Height and Weight

Being physically fit is a must. There are minimum height requirements across the global armies. It is important to be of the specified height or taller since some roles and training activities require you to jump, cling and climb over obstacles. Weight affects your agility and stamina. Being above the required limit may pose a risk on the trainee during vigorous training.


To be accepted in the air force, you must be a citizen of the country you are applying to serve in or have valid documents that allow you to be considered a citizen.

Past Records

The air force, being a disciplined force, requires one to have clean records. The applicant must not have a history of criminal activities and uncouth behavior. Crimes that were committed and registered in the past will disqualify an applicant instantly.

Before applying for admission into the air force, there are other factors one should consider. Airmen spend most of their mission hours in the air; anyone who suffers from acrophobia, fear of heights, should reconsider the career path. This can greatly impair their judgment which may end up disaster.

Being in the air force, just like being in the regular army, may mean being far away from family; for months and in some cases years. It is important to factor in any adverse effects of this, especially if there are people who depend on you fully.

Other than the frontline roles that require one to be in the battle fields, there are special jobs as well. These are jobs that require professionals in different fields of study to come in and be the support staff. However, these professionals go through basic military training as well. Let’s look at some of these special jobs that one may consider and join the air force.

Healthcare and Chaplaincy

Airmen need doctors, nurses, fitness instructors and chaplains to look after them; physically and spiritually. They need psychologists to vent out to considering the nature of their job.

Communication and IT

This is an important department since proper coordination and successful missions are supported by effective and reliable communication. Intelligence is acquired and disseminated in this field. ICT specialists and analysts need to be up to date at all times to effectively perform here.

Hospitality and logistics

The air force requires everything to be at its right place always. These things include water, food, transport vehicles, firefighting, among others.


Engineers perform a vital role in the air force. They ensure the jets are safe as well as vehicles and combat systems.

Having gone through the support roles in the air force, it is equally important to check if you fall within the minimum entry requirements since they still apply.